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Dubai allocates Dh500m to improve neighbor hoods

Dubai allocates Dh500m to improve neighbor hoods

Dubai allocates Dh500m to improve neighbourhoods

Dubai: The Dubai Council has allocated Dh500 million to enhance the quality of life for citizens in residential neighbourhoods across Dubai, based on their suggestions and ideas.

The allocation was approved during the council’s third meeting chaired yesterday (Tuesday) by His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister and vice President of the Ruler and UAE of Dubai.

Shaikh Mohammad has ordered the settlement of defaults on housing loans of 422 Emiratis, and exempted all citizens from fees for housing mortgage loans. He also issued instructions to exempt citizens from fees for connecting electricity to the new homes of theirs, providing that the cost of building their homes doesn’t exceed Dh4 million.

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His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister and vice President of the Ruler and UAE of Dubai

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“Our Life” campaign will soon be launched by the Dubai Council on numerous media outlets and social media platforms to solicit citizens’ ideas about community amenities aiming at helping in improving the quality of life in residential neighbourhoods within Dubai. Citizens are actually invited to share their suggestions and ideas via a platform on

 A platform will be focused on receiving citizens’ suggestions and ideas about amenities, parks, facilities and squares they need to be offered in the neighbourhoods of theirs.

These ideas and suggestions will be evaluated to select the very best projects and embark on the implementation of theirs.

The decisions aim to achieve probably the highest levels of stability and social wellbeing for Emiratis in the emirate, as well as provide them with all they have to ensure their happiness and satisfaction in all service areas.

twelve councils The council approved the setting up of Twelve neighbourhood councils to be managed by boards of experienced retirees, with an aim to submit suggestions about events and initiatives that help in improving the quality of life in the neighbourhoods of theirs. The neighbourhood councils are going to serve as platforms for citizens to meet, network and share the ideas of theirs, aspirations and perceptions about the events of theirs, plans and initiatives to develop the neighbourhoods of theirs and upscale all community services and programmes, in a manner that ensures their social wellbeing and stability.

The Commissioner of Citizens’ Services has been instructed to restructure the community phone. Dubai maid service

Shaikh Mohammad said: “We ordered the setting up of integrated councils across Dubai’s neighbourhoods to serve as a meeting spot for citizens to be together and engage in social events and occasions. Mattar Al Tayer, Commissioner of Infrastructure, Urban Quality and Planning of Life, has been assigned to follow up on the setting up of the councils, which will be in charge of proposing and organising traditional, economic, and social events. They’ll also submit citizens’ suggestions and ideas to the council, and present their perceptions about ways to enhance the quality of life in these neighbourhoods.

“These are our decisions today at the Dubai Council, and the next will be better. The UAE citizen is going to remain our top priority…The Emirati citizen is actually the first priority. The citizen is the next priority. The citizen is actually the third priority, as we always repeat,” Shaikh Mohammad said.

Dubai Council’s key decisions

  • Allocation of Dh500 million to enhance the quality of live for citizens in Dubai’s neighbourhoods
  • Setting up of twelve neighbourhood councils
  • Exemption of 422 Emirati defaulters from housing loans
  • Exemption of Emiratis from fees for electric connectivity for new homes
  • Setting up of boards made up of experienced Emirati retirees to oversee neighbourhood councils
  • Exemption of all citizens from fees levied on housing mortgage loans • Launch of a platform on to receive citizens’ ideas and proposed projects
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