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IKEA has made the most iconic TV living rooms available to buy

IKEA’s’ The Real Life Series’ has recreated several of probably the most prominent family areas in many of television

The purple family room of’ Friends’, the red room of’ The Simpsons’ and also the frantic area of’ Stranger Things’ practically all make an appearance

Not merely have they been recreated, they’ve been recreated totally with IKEA merchandise as well as furniture

Some dreams do come true. How often have you sat down to look at’ Friends’ and even envied Monica’s cute and quirky living room? Well IKEA is on the situation as it right now enables you to follow in that area for yourself, and also you are able to get it done with IKEA furniture pieces. Oh and you’ve the possibility of’ The Simpsons’ or’ Stranger Things’ living room also.

Let’s say hello to IKEA’s’ The Real Life Series’, faithful recreations of TVs most unforgettable rooms using only IKEA furniture.

The 3 areas is recreated in IKEA merchants in the Middle East, allowing fans to go to the fictional locations the truth is for the very first time.

Vinod Jayan, Managing Director – IKEA UAE, Oman and Egypt, said, “The Real Life Series really embodies the IKEA quest to make a much better everyday routine for the numerous individuals. We needed showing almost all the clients of ours right here in the UAE just how they might provide to life the iconic living spaces they get within their favorite shows. Like the selected tv shows, IKEA is attractive to the numerous, no matter the experience of theirs or even living situation.”

The areas are created after a two month research to discover the ideal parts. After the parts which were as like those of the television show areas have been found, the parts had been delivered to a 3D studio which integrated IKEA furnishings on the TV rooms’ layout ikea Abu Dhabi. A laptop underwent a catalogue of each and every IKEA piece of furniture and developed these rooms.

Have a peek below for all the areas on the site, and check out the pictures below:

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